Trying to decide on a gift idea for someone who is soon to be moving home can prove challenging. You obviously won’t want to add to the bulk that they will have to transport to their new residence, after all. With this in mind, the best gift ideas would be those that come in the form of experiences providing the opportunity to make new, lasting memories together. You could also think about gifting something that could possibly assist them in completing the move with minimal stress, or something to celebrate their new home. It doesn’t have to be big, so you could Create Personalized Photo Keychains for each member of the family to put onto their new house keys. Here are a few other suggestions:

Putting money towards the move

How about considering paying for the Derby lettings agent fee or perhaps offering to organise the removals company on their behalf? If all of that sounds a bit expensive, you could still help them out by purchasing the boxes that they’ll need for packing their belongings ahead of the big day. You can never have too many boxes!

The gift of your time  

There is no escaping the fact that moving home is a massive undertaking. If you’re a little bit strapped for cash, but you still want to give your friend or family member a great gift, why not give them the gift of your time?

Offer to assist them with all of the packing duties, or to help them collect quotes from various removals companies. Perhaps you could offer to take care of the cleaning tasks after they have vacated the property so that they won’t have to pay someone to handle it for them? Whichever duty you take on, you can rest assured that it will be greatly appreciated and that it will drastically aid in minimising stress throughout the lead-up to moving day.

A day out at a favourite place

This is an especially thoughtful gift, especially if your friend or family member is going to be moving far away. Take them out for an entire day, preferably to a place that has special meaning for the two of you. It could be a restaurant that you frequented together on a regular basis, or perhaps the place where you two first formed a friendship. It’s a wonderful, nostalgic way in which to wish them well on their new journey and to reassure one another that you’ll always be a part of each other’s lives regardless of the distance!

A new and exciting experience

Do your best to help take your loved one’s mind off of the stress of the move by treating them to a new and exciting experience. Pay for the two of you to try something daring, such as bungee jumping or maybe sampling some interesting delicacies from a foreign cuisine. If ‘daring’ isn’t quite their style, a visit to a new restaurant in town is sure to be just as impressive. If their stress levels are extremely high, a visit to a local spa is even better, allowing them to unwind and relax amidst all of the chaos.

With these amazing gift ideas, your friend or relative is sure to feel loved and cared for ahead of the big move.

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Written by Kitty

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