For many, football plays an important part in their life. They watch every game that appears on television. They purchase tickets to see their favourite team in action each week. They follow all of the latest football developments by checking social media feeds and news pages multiple times a day.

There are others, however, who go a few levels further with their football fandom. If you are one of those that wants to sing from the rooftops about the love they have for their team, there are various unique methods for showing your support. Forget about just wearing a replica shirt and going to the games – below are some out of the box ways to display a strong affinity for your football team.

Personalised registration plate

Okay, you could go with a gaudy vinyl decal on your car which displays your favourite team’s badge. For a more subtle approach, however, a personalised registration plate is the way to go when using your vehicle as a display of your love.

Admittedly, a personalised number plate is not cheap. This is certainly the case if you go with one that is instantly recognisable. SwiftReg is a reseller of personalised reg numbers, and they noted that a “WE57 HAM” registration plate went for a staggering £58,320.

However, if you get a little more creative with your abbreviations – ARS for Arsenal, LFC for Liverpool, etc. – your personalised football plate will not cost quite as much.

Create online content

The internet offers limitless potential when it comes to supporting your football team. You could decide to start your own dedicated social media accounts for a start, or you may create your own blog and post articles.

To go a step further in your content creation, you might opt to produce video content. Whether it is YouTube videos or Twitch streams – or a combination of both – these are great ways to promote your team and eventually become a recognised figure. Just look at Mark Goldbridge for his Man United YouTube channel.

Permanent tattoo

The ultimate commitment to your team can be found in the form of a permanent tattoo. Nothing quite says you are a fanatic like having your team’s badge or a favourite player needled into your flesh.

As with any tattoo, this is not something you should rush into without any thought. There are too many horror stories of people getting tattoos done when drunk! Always do your research and find a tattoo artist that has a reputation for producing quality work.

Names for your loved ones

Unless you are willing to change your name by deed poll, you are sadly stuck with the name your parents gave you – and this is unlikely to have any relevance to your favourite football team.

However, this does not mean you cannot bless your loved ones with a lovely football-related name. You could name your newly born son or daughter after your favourite player for instance, although they are unlikely to thank you for that as they grow older. Perhaps a more realistic route, one which offers more possibilities in terms of using a team nickname, is to name your pets after a football reference or player.

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