In Bangkok today, people like to see and be seen. Going to the mall or the club or even around town, Bangkok is a place where you need to look good at all times. The pollution and general dirtiness of the city have increased the number of spas and salons in the city to the point where there are special places for each part of the body. Some of the most popular places are nail spas in Chidlom, since they do so much more than just nails.

Nail spas in Chidlom are relatively new spa offerings in a city that is already so densely populated with massage parlours and wellness spas. For Thais, getting your nails done is not traditional wellness or pampering practice. In contrast, Thais prefer massage or traditional medicine for wellness treatment, or they prefer to style hair and makeup over doing their nails.

But, with the heavy injection of international media and exposure to other cultures, there has been a significant increase in the demand for nail salons. In addition, Chidlom’s neighbourhood of wealthy Thais and ex-pats is conducive to supporting multiple different nail spas in Chidlom.

So, if you’re in need of a good manicure or pedicure, or coffin long nails, for that matter, check out one of the many nail spas in Chidlom. Since there are so many different salons to choose from, here are some things that you should consider about the different options before making a decision about which salon to choose.


While the COVID-19 pandemic is not over yet, we are virtually in the post-COVID era. One of the most important elements of the post-COVID era will be extra emphasis on cleanliness and hygiene. So, when you’re evaluating which nail spa in Chidlom will be your new go-to salon, the first thing you want to check on is the cleanliness of the facilities and the staff’s hygiene.

You should look to see if the workers are wiping down their workstations after a client leaves, or are washing their hands between sessions. Because the workers will be touching your body, it’s important that their hygiene is excellent. After all, something as intimate as a pedicure or manicure means that their hygiene becomes your hygiene. 

Quality of Service

Thailand is famous for its hospitality; however, this hallmark of Thai culture doesn’t always mean that each establishment will have good service. Elements like how a nail spa in Chidlom treats you when you walk in or how they interact with you during your visit are essential parts of a client-provider relationship that need to be vetted. You do not want to become loyal to a particular store if their staff doesn’t treat you well.

Foreigners may also want to find a nail salon that has workers who speak English. Not only is this helpful to explain how you want your nails done or any other special requests, but it’s also just more pleasant to have a conversation with the employee than it is to sit there quietly or being on your phone.

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Written by Kitty

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