Planning a trip to the UK? This is a lovely place to visit and one of the most historic and cultural destinations in the entire world.

Although the UK is relatively small, it has a tremendous amount of highlights to see during a trip there and it is also remarkably diverse, so there is something for every taste. With so much to see and do throughout the UK, it can be hard to know how to plan a trip and what the unmissable highlights. With this in mind, here are the aspects of a trip which are not to be missed:


When people think of the UK, London will be the first place to spring to mind, and this is for good reason. It is the cultural hub of the UK and a place with endless historical and tourist attractions. In terms of cultural highlights, no trip to London is complete without catching a show at the iconic West End theaters and you can easily find the best cheap musical tickets London has to offer online. The theaters themselves are something to behold, but the stage productions are magnificent and will certainly allow for a memorable evening.

Other unmissable highlights include:

  • National History Museum
  • The London Eye
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Tower of London
  • Shopping on Oxford Street

One of the best ways to enjoy the capital is simply to stroll the streets and stop off at the many cafes, pubs and other establishments to soak up the atmosphere and people watch.

Other Major Cities

London is not the only major city that is worth visiting as there are a handful of other cultural, historical and charming destinations each with their own highlights and characteristics. A few of the best other places to visit include:

  • Edinburgh
  • Liverpool
  • Birmingham
  • Oxford
  • Brighton
  • Cardiff
  • Bath

You may not be able to tick off all of these destinations in one trip, but be sure to visit as many as possible to get a clearer insight into what life in the UK is like.


In addition to the magnificent cities, the UK also has outstanding natural beauty in the form of rolling hills, thick forests, lush meadows and winding rivers. There are many areas to see the UK’s countryside and wildlife, with a few of the best spots being:

In addition to the great beauty, these more rural areas provide an insight into what life is like outside of the major cities for a more complete and authentic view of the UK. There are many charming villages and towns found in these areas with friendly locals – visit the pubs here to get to know the residents and see what recommendations they have to offer.

The UK is a fantastic place to visit with plenty to see and do throughout. London is the obvious highlight, but there is much more to the UK than this, and the above will allow you to scratch below the surface and discover what life is like in this beautiful, cultural and historic land.

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